Below are some of the most common questions we receive. If you've forgotten your Username or Passcode, please go here to retrieve them. You can also contact us via email using our Feedback link at top of page.

  • Q. I forgot my username and/or passcode and no longer have access to the e-mail address I used to setup my account. How can I get them?

    • If you know the e-mail address you used to sign up, use the form on this page to reset e-mail address.

  • Q. What browsers are supported by Vault?

    • We currently support Internet Explorer versions 9+ and current versions of Firefox, Safari and Chrome

  • Q. How do I get my dialSpeed™ Backup Master Code?

    • Your dialSpeed™ lock comes with a unique, factory-set Backup Master Code that provides full programming access. To retrieve your Backup Master Code which is stored in the Vault, locate the Vault Product Code in the User Manual that came with your lock. Log into your Vault account, or register for a new account. Then go to My Products, click Add Products and then enter your Vault Product Code in the field provided. The Vault will retrieve your Backup Master Code and display it a as a series of arrows. You can then add additional information about your lock and save the record.

  • Q. Where do I find the Vault Product Code for my dialSpeed™ lock?

    • The Vault Product Code is located in the User Manual that came with your lock.

      • If you purchased the 1500eDBX, it is located in the top left corner of page 2 of the User Manual.
      • If you purchased the 1500eD, it is located on the top panel of the folded User Manual or if unfolded, the top left corner.

  • Q. How do I cancel my Master Lock Vault account?

    • In order to cancel your Master Lock Vault account, please email masterlockvault@mlock.com to request that your account be cancelled. We will send you back confirmation once your account has been cancelled. The entire cancellation process can take up to seven days. Please see our Terms & Conditions for additional details.